Mr Truckwash

Mr. TruckWash is a reliable mobile truck washing company that serves the Puget Sound area.
Formed to fill a void in mobile truck washing in the greater Seattle and Tacoma areas, Mr. TruckWash uses a proprietary water recapture system to reclaim and recycle dirty water from a wash, thereby preventing environmental damage caused by stormwater runoff of heavy metals and other pollutants that come off vehicles.

Most truck washing companies use a lot of water to get the job done – roughly 600 to 700 gallons per hour – a huge waste of resources for the owner, the truck washer, and for the environment in general. In contrast, Mr. TruckWash reuses at least 50% of all wash water. This is enabled by a state-of-the art water reclamation system. Mr. TruckWash’s trained employees plug all storm drains and vacuum up dirty water during the wash. Then we put the polluted water through an advanced filter system. After this, the water is clean and ready to use again.


The majority of truck washing services add chemicals to the water they use for washing – this is bad for the environment. In contrast, Mr. TruckWash formulated and added to its cleaning water a special soap that is mild but cleans well and is biodegradable.

Environmental rules and regulations require that truck washers not let the dirty, chemical-laden water go down the drain after a wash, but many do not follow the rules. At Mr. TruckWash, we took the time to have the departments of waste water in King and Pierce counties examine its equipment for environmental soundness. Both counties issued Mr. TruckWash a permit for mobile, on-site truck washing.

We pride ourselves on quality control at Mr. TruckWash. We employ a full time operations manager who spends half his time specifically on site visits. At these visits, he critiques the wash jobs, makes sure your trucks are very clean, and monitors environmental compliance. At Mr. TruckWash, our employees take pride in the job we do to clean your trucks. We understand – due to the decades of experience our owners and employees bring the the business – that dealing with mobile truck washers can be a hassle. We want to get the job done quickly, effectively, and at a reasonable price. Your trucks should be cleaner and more visible after servicing by Mr. TruckWash. A well-washed truck is an advertisement for the business painted on its side.

Our customers are usually repeat – they are impressed by our environmental stringency, by our efficiency, and by our reasonable rates for thorough jobs. If you need truck washing services, go to our website and request an estimate. An excellent job does not need to be expensive. Because we constantly improving our operations and increase efficiency, our customers get affordable prices for quality work.