AA Auto Service Center

votedbestVoted the best auto repair shop by King 5 Best of Western Washington, Redmond’s AA Auto Service Center maximizes its ideal location by combining the best technology for car repair with old-fashioned customer service. AA Auto services all types of cars, from Audi and Subaru to Chevrolet and Ford. People in need of automobile assistance can conveniently make appointments online for any type of service.

AA Auto technicians have over 30 years combined experience and numerous hours of special training in diagnostic equipment. We employ onlyASE Certified technicians, which results in an increased rate of success for delivery of trouble-free vehicles to our customers. AA Auto understands that having a car out of service is extremely inconvenient. If you are a business owner and your fleet is diminished, your profits go down. If your personal vehicle isn’t working, how do you get to work, the grocery store, or anything else? In short, efficiency is vital in auto repairs. The crew at AA Auto knows this. Check out the business and you will find the fastest turnaround in time if parts are available.

AAA approved, the shop has technicians who specialize in European car repair, including Audi, Mercedez-Benz, Volvo, Solkswagen, Saab, and others. Many shops cannot service these cars and owners are return to the dealer for repairs, which tends to be overly expensive. Since the employees are experienced in virtually all repair and maintenance procedures, going to AA Auto can save you time and money if you own a European vehicle.


To keep costs down for the customer, AA Auto does not limit itself to one parts supplier. They aim to use high-quality components at the best price, either OEM or equivalent aftermarket parts. The labor rate for the shop is competitive and offers Fleet Accounts a 10% discount. AA Auto uses a nationally recognized computer estimating program to ensure labor time is consistent for each repair. It also gives the customer a detailed understanding of processes so there is no sticker shock when you pick up your vehicle.

When you make an appointment online for $50 or more worth of work and receive a free oil change with service. The $39.95 value includes up to 5 quarts of regular engine oil and a new oil filter. The shop also offers e-mail advice. If you have a general automotive question or a problem with a vehicle you own, AA Auto’s experts can help you when you fill out an online form with your query.