Make it a Great Date

makeitagreatMake It A Great Date is a Bellevue-based matchmaking and dating service that uses the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator as an aid to determine which clients will suit each other. Founders and matchmakers Mayumi and Aaron Muller started Make It A Great Date after they spend years searching for their own soulmates. They eventually met each other but it took a long time and a lot of bad dates. The aim of Make It A Great Date is to find partners for people in a much shorter time that it takes through typical dating mechanisms and to make that experience comfortable and fun.

People tend to make the same mistakes in dating time after time. It sometimes seems that all our logic goes out the window when it comes to dating. The Make It A Great Date service can help stop you from the same bad decisions you have made in the past. An exclusive membership includes a dating headhunter, one-on-one consultations, a Myers-Briggs assessment, personalized shopping, a personal makeover, a photo shoot, dating and relationship coaching, and emergency dating advice. The idea is that Mayumi and Aaron are available at every stage of dating to help you show your best self to others.
This is a lot simpler than it might sound. The coaches will help you define who you are and what you actually need and want from a date or a partner – not what you think you should need or want. They also help you explore the area and meet new people. If you’re overly busy, they can consult to help you streamline your life so as to make more time to date. The matchmakers can help you with the smallest things – from asking someone on a date to fine-tuning your etiquette once you are out there. They will help you set solid goals for a relationship that match your personal values. Aaron and Mayumi help you focus on and create real progress for dating.

Make It A Great Date does offer online dating as part of the service, but the difference between its base and others is that it is tailored to this area and screened by the company, so you stand a much smaller chance of being contacted by anyone out of your geographical range or comfort zone. They also sponsor Mix-Ups, social occasions where potential matches can meet each other in a low-key group setting at a local bar or event. Aaron and Mayumi attend each of these to ensure people are comfortable and happy.

Make It A Great Date also maintains a dating blog, offering advice on everything from when to have sex to dating after divorce. Mayumi is a regular on Q13 Fox for dating advice and has been featured in several local publications.