Mr Pressure Wash

mrpressurewadhMr. Pressure Wash is an environmentally friendly commercial washing company. Committed to community education and environmental compliance, Mr. Pressure Wash has served the Eastside since 2007. Environmentally concerned customers use Mr. Pressure Wash’s services to green clean parking lots, commercial buildings, sidewalks, surfaces.

Mr. Pressure Wash was founded in 2007 because the owners saw other cleaning companies were damaging the environment. The founders developed innovative, original equipment to recapture and recycle water used in cleaning jobs. Most pressure washing companies flush waste water into the environment which is bad for it because it releases toxins into the ecosystem. Cleaning concrete is a dirty job – many sites are permeated with oil, gasoline, heavy metals, and other toxic substances. To prevent these materials from entering the groundwater, Mr. Pressure Wash uses its own water, then captures up to 98% of the water used and removes it from the job. Mr. Pressure Wash then separates the waste from the water so the water can be reused and the waste disposed of separately.

Another part of the founders’ mission was to educate the community about how to clean green. This is done by raising awareness of the environmental standards the cities and state require. From consultation to clean-up, Mr. Pressure Wash uses and advocates best practices. The business enjoys environmental approval from the City of Bellevue, the City of Seattle, King County Waste Water Division, the City of Tacoma, and the City of Olympia.

If you own a concrete industrial space, Mr. Pressure Wash can help you keep zinc from discharging into the environment as a result of normal equipment operations in your space. Zinc is harmful to fish and other wildlife. It can bind to gills and suffocate them or cause temperature shocks to water that destroy wildlife. Sweeping your parking garage, auto repair shop or other concrete surface regularly will ensure you comply with environmental regulations regarding zinc and that you can feel personally confident that you are keeping flora and fauna safe.

Mr. Pressure Wash cleans regularly for several large Puget Sound area businesses, including Costco, Waste Management, Verizon, Republic Parking, and Puget Sound Energy. Though Mr. Pressure Wash also engages in one-time cleaning, these big corporations set up regular servicing. Mr. Pressure Wash continues to work on environmentally sound technology to stay ahead of the curve in the cleaning industry. The company aims to partner with other environmentally savvy corporations so that the area’s groundwater is clean and free of toxins.

This year, the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce named Mr. Pressure Wash the Eastside Small Business of the Year for its commitment to the environment, diverse and valued employees, and entrepreneurial spirit.