profile1Aaron Muller is a Seattle based serial entrepreneur. He has owned or co-owned over 20 small businesses in the Pacific Northwest. Aaron has probably dealt with every problem a small business faces, from conversion to absentee ownership, starting a new business, or successorship, to expansion, marketing, and business acquisition. Aaron is able to turn any missteps he has made into ways to keep others from doing the same. He currently operates nine successful small businesses

As your consultant, Aaron’s goal is to translate the experience he gained through trial and error into sound, practical advice for new entrepreneurs. You became your own boss to have more freedom and control, but sometimes it is difficult to work through every problem alone. Our consulting progam offers you the advice and support you need when you make decisions. You can seek as much or as little guidance as you need.

The excitement and variety of owning a business is uniquely satisfying. But it can also be a lot of hard work. It requires sound preparation. Just because you are the owner does not mean you never need help. Learning the best ways to run a small business will save you time and money. It is healthy to make some mistakes and learn from them, but too many and your business suffers. Aaron will serve as your coach and sounding board for any decisions with which you feel you need help.


Aaron uses a proven process to figure out what you need. First, he works with you to figure out what the most important target is for your business. One we know what this is, fulfilling your goal is a lot simpler. Then, he tested the proposed solution and get feedback from you. He holds you accountable for what you agreed to do. He helps you see the direct results of your actions. He measures and analyzes data on your business. This way, you can see how any changes worked or need to be finessed. If you need additional assistance, in another area, we start the process over. Loosely put, the process is trial and error, but with an expert working with you, you are far less likely to make mistakes and far more likely to find lasting solutions.

There is no one good strategy for all small businesses. Rather, every analysis and plan is created on a case-by-case basis so we can address your particular needs. You still call all the shots, but you no longer have to do that in a vacuum.

Aaron charges for his consulting services, but he also gives back to the business community about which he is so passionate. Outside work, Aaron serves as a mentor for business students and a speaker on entrepreneurship at local high schools. He has presented at the University of Washington Business School. Aaron has two children and genuinely wants to help contribute to making a better world for them. His business ideals can help your company operate ethically and sustainably.

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