Absentee Ownership

absentee1For many entrepreneurs, the primary goal of going solo is more freedom in working life. Oftentimes, this means you don’t want to have to be in the office every day. If you have owned your business for awhile and want to pursue other interests but don’t want to sell, you might consider hiring a full time manager to run the operation. Here is a comparison of the two – if you are physically present in your office every day, you are an “owner operator.” If it can run without you, you are known as an “absentee owner.” If becoming an absentee owner is one of your business goals, it is worthwhile to investigate the possibilities and pitfalls that lie ahead.

Aaron can guide you through an assessment of your company’s viability in an absentee ownership set-up. First and foremost, you need to analyze the chances of this business model working. Next, are your expectations realistic? We will review what you want and what is possible. Then we will figure out together what you need to do and how long it would take for you to become an absentee owner. Some businesses take longer than others to reach a stage where absentee ownership is feasible. Whether you convert to absentee ownership immediately or remain an owner-operator for the time being, we will help you figure out specific ways to solve your business frustrations and help you work toward the end goal of not having to be in the office every day.

Aaron’s services can range from talking to you about what a conversion means to handling all aspects of a changeover. If you opt to become an absentee owner and want hands-on consulting, we will focus on the areas in which you most need help. You will receive personal attention, in-person site visits, and phone consulting. We also offer strategic recommendation packets. If you decide you want full-service consulting, we will track your weekly progress, which lets you see the results of what you are doing and increases confidence. This ensures you will follow through on recommendations that will benefit your business. Accountability means you will see results.

We will also work with you to develop strategies for maintaining your position as an absentee owner. It is unlikely that you will be able to hand over management entirely. As the owner, you are always the one with the greatest stake in any property. Moreover, managers may need to be replaced. Aaron will help you develop strategies for dealing effectively with these and other challenges you face as an absentee owner. Whether you are just tossing around the idea for the future or want to convert immediately, you may need an ear to discuss your problems or you may need comprehensive service. Either way, our team can address your business frustrations and help you get what you want from being an entrepreneur.