Newly Hired or Newly Fired. Hire Right the First Time!

Have you ever hired someone who looked great on paper and seemed to fit the exact job description during the interview that turned out to be a total flop? Many company owners of today’s workforce have had an employee or possibly multiple employees that went from newly hired to newly fired, which is why I want to share some tips that will help you with your candidate selection process and conducting the most effective interview. Follow these simple ideas and…

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Grass Roots Grow Small Businesses with Big Profits

Grass roots and guerrilla marketing tactics are the key ingredients to feed and grow your small business corporation. So go bananas with your gorilla… I mean guerrilla marketing and experiment with more unconventional tactics, which may help your business generate the most success and possibly turn your grass roots into a whole jungle of opportunities. The secret to generating the most success from these techniques is to separate yourself from what all your competition is doing. Do something exotic and…

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Discover your Niche for the Winning Edge in Business

Anyone in small business these days will tell you that it is no longer like it used to be. Not only does everyone not end up a winner, but the competition is much greater. So many of today’s most successful businesses have one idea in common and that is to be different from their competitors. What does being different mean though? How can businesses who are selling the exact same products or services stand out from each other? The missing…

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