Crayfish Media

facebookVirtually no company can stay in business today without a presence on social media. For a full suite of social media marketing services, look no further than Crayfish Media. The company handles every variety of this type of marketing for companies ranging in size from five to 500.

Consider these facts: 47% of Facebook users state that it influences their buying decisions. People aged 45-54 years are the fastest growing age segment for social media. This demographic includes the CEOs, senior managers, and high level executives that you want to reach. A company that gains a substantial number of followers on social media sites will do more business. These stats make it hard to argue that you don’t need a social media strategy as part of your overall marketing plan.

Social media drives perceptions of what is in or out, cool, desirable, necessary. If you can make your product or service appealing on social media, then you will get more customers. Huge numbers of potential customers agree that social media influences what they purchase and when. Buzz on Facebook can popularize something in an astoundingly short time. Google and Bing both use social signals in order to rank what businesses appear in searches, another factor that can greatly affect who finds out about your business. In short, no modern business can afford to ignore social media’s impact.

In essence, the Crayfish campaign strategy is threefold. First, we attract readers to your website. Then, we turn them into customers. Lastly, we create a following so that you get loyal customers – people who return for repeat business and spread the word about your company to their friends. The Crayfish approach is not just to get ads seen, but to create a group of people that love your product or service and consider it part of your lifestyle. This is not an easy task.

crayfishexManaging social media is like a business in itself. Hence, any company that isn’t huge will find it a challenge to create and maintain an effective social media presence. This is where Crayfish comes in. The company has experts to create content, schedule its distribution, engage users with the content, and monitor what happens online (who likes or shares or comments on the content). The Crayfish team interacts with hundreds of people daily in order to make sure you know and reach your audience. It’s hard to do this without specialized knowledge, time, and effective metrics. Social media marketing is particularly suited for outsourcing to a company like Crayfish because the skill set required to do it well is different to conventional marketing skills but can be put to use for many different types of companies.

Crayfish clients own companies that have attributes that attract customers. And these businesses are parts of industries that have general attributes that attract customers. You need content out there in the social media world that describes what you do and makes it alluring to potential customers. Let’s say you run an auto repair shop. A car person is going to be drawn to a well-written article on Facebook about a fabulous new motor oil. If it mentions your business, then he’s going to be associate that interesting content with you and be more likely to use your business, read more about your business, and tell other people about your business.

Once you have an audience, you want to both retain and increase. Crayfish is careful to space out the spread of content so it appears at regular intervals and so that your business doesn’t go too long without information for your fans. Crayfish does more than strict content, too – variety holds interest, so polls, surveys, coupons, and intriguing videos and graphics are all part of marketing plans.

Once you have put money into a social media marketing campaign, you will want to know if it’s actually working. Crayfish also provides regular, detailed analyses of the work. Based on this information, you can make informed decisions about what to increase or eliminate.

Because Crayfish serves businesses at a variety of levels, the company offers several different services packages. Every business should be able to afford some type of social media marketing. Whether you are just starting out and want the basics, or you’ve been around and have substantial funds to invest to really solidify your online reputation, Crayfish can design a suitable plan.